Xavier Update – July 8th

OK, I’m sure you all are getting tired of these little updates, but they are awesome news and I just can’t help but to share. :teehee

Xavier has reached the 4lb mark! :woohoo He also took a full bottle at noon today, which makes it two days in a row that he finished an entire feeding via a bottle.  Now if they’d just let me do it more often so we can get that pesky feeding tube out of him.

Oxygen level is still the same, 2 1/2 liters at 50% (give or take 5%).  Gotta get that lowered so he can get put on the wall unit, which I need to find out what he has to be at for that.  Once he’s on the wall unit and eating all his feedings from the bottle he can come home!

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  1. Brandi @ Flip Flop Mama says

    Yay that’s awesome! Sounds like he’s improving little by little and will be home in no time!