Xavier is back in the hospital

Let me start by saying that I am really tired of hospitals!  Tired of being at the hospital, and taking Xavier to the hospital.  But we’ve had to take him once again.

Let’s go back a couple of weeks.

On November 21st, he received his first of a series of five RSV shots.  I’m not one for these types of shots, because to me they are just like getting a flu shot.  But because Xavier was born so early and already has respiratory problems, I opted to have him get them.  Within a couple of days he was already having normal symptoms that you’d normally get after getting a shot.  You know, crabby, feverish, etc.  Except, his symptoms were a cough and crabby.  He never got feverish, which we were happy about.

Then we had Thanksgiving, which went really well.  He was still a little crabby, but what do you expect he had a shot a few days before and he’s been teething.  He’s just a normal 6-month old.

On Friday, however, he was starting to get a really bad cough, sounding very congested and there was just no relief for him.

Fast forward a couple of days, November 29th, he goes in for his 6-month check-up and we found out he had his first tooth.  He received more shots, his 6-month shots.  So he still wasn’t feeling well with having he cough and now he’s got more shots!

His pediatrician wasn’t concerned since he had received the RSV shot and it’s “normal” to get a little sick after.  Instructed us that if he wasn’t getting better by 10 days after the start of the bad cough to call and come back in.

This morning I decided I wasn’t going to wait until Monday or Tuesday to try to get in with his pediatrician and get a convenient appointment, so we took him to Urgent Care and while we were at it we’d take Thaddeus too since he’s had a cold of all sorts since the first week of school.  Around 10:30 this morning we left the house and headed to the closest Urgent Care.


The doctors there are stupid! Their nurses are stupid!  I’m sorry, but they are.  They couldn’t get a good reading on him with a pulse ox because they couldn’t figure out how to get it on a baby!  You can’t get it to work very well on their big toe; it’s NOT big enough!!!! So she get’s a horrible reading and wants him to go to the ER.  OK fine, I have no problem with that.  But if I thought he was that bad I would have taken him in to the ER myself and skipped Urgent Care!

His Pulse ox readings at home have been 92-98%; they couldn’t get him above 71%!  Which pretty much means he’d be real blue and showing a really hard time of breathing.  He’s had NO problems with breathing, other than when he’s coughing up a storm and can’t get it out.

Anyway, we head over to the ER and get called into the Xavier’s room and we go through the entire BS of giving all the symptoms over and over and over again.  Yes, we probably told 3 different people within the ER why we were there.  The doctor on call isn’t familiar with Xavier and his condition so he’s automatically concerned with his retracting, which he’s been doing since birth and is doing less and less each day, but whatever.  So he wants to keep him for observation.  Around 4:30 we finally get admitted and brought up to pediatrics.

And we go over all the symptoms of why we are there, once again!

We finally arrived back home just before 6PM, while Xavier is still getting some tests done.  His X-ray came back looking fine, so they aren’t concerned with his lungs… which has been my biggest concern of all.

They are still thinking RSV, as of when we left, however they haven’t been able to get any snot out of his nose to run the tests on because his nose isn’t stuffed up, it’s all in his chest.

Hopefully he’ll get a good night sleep tonight and hopefully I will too!

I’ll be heading to the hospital in the morning after I drop Thaddeus off at school, so I’ll update you all when I find out more information!


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  1. says

    I’m sending out my prayers for your little man and your family, I hope you were all able to get some rest. I’m sorry you had such a terrible time at Urgent Care. I don’t go to those because I think they are all a joke too. I just don’t get how some of these doctors even got there licenses or nurses for that matter. Keep us updated and we will keep praying.

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  2. Ruth says

    I hope Xavier gets better. I am eager to hear about the update on his health.
    I heard rumors about Urgent Care staffs being incompetent, but I didn’t know it was this bad. I think what they were required to do were just basic things a medical staff needs to have knowledge of yet they had still failed.
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