Wordy Wednesday – Greenfield Village 5-5-2012


This is a not so Wordless Wednesday post because some of the pictures do need some explaining :toofunny !

This past weekend we decided to take a trip to Greenfield Village, mainly because it was a nice day out but also because Thomas the Train was there.  Now, I’m not posting all the pictures I took that day because I took 290 of them!  Yes 290 pictures! But I wanted to show you some of the things you can see when you are there. Granted we didn’t stop and see a lot of stuff we normally would see because Thomas was there, but because we go so often these aren’t ones you’ll see every single day.

Please pay special attention to the pictures of Thaddeus’ face as he is running down the gravel ramp!

The picture of Thaddeus playing in the field with the other boy, we were walking around and he wanted to go to the field so we told him to go ahead and we’d meet him once we reached the end of the street and walk back to where he was.  He ran over to some guy and his son playing soccer and asked if he could play too.  So we stayed for a short time while he got to play.

The next time we go I’ll post some more pictures of different things so you can enjoy The Village too!

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