What’s in My Daily Goodie Box and How to Get Yours


There are so many subscription box services out there today that you can sign up for. Anywhere from having health foods, snack foods, and beauty products shipped to you. In most cases, you don’t know what will be sent to you until you receive the goodie box. Some you get to pick what will be sent and some you can log in and see what will be coming to you.

Daily Goodie Box means you get a box shipped to you 100% free. You just give your honest opinion on what you thought of each product you

Daily Goodie Box

One of the newest subscription box places that reached out to me for review is Daily Goodie Box. They are a different kind of subscription box service because they send you the products free of charge in exchange for letting them know what you think.

How Daily Goodie Box Works

Daily Goodie Box is completely different than other subscription box services. You sign up for free, they send you a goodie box; and then you give your opinion on each product.

Daily Goodie Box means you get a box shipped to you 100% free. You just give your honest opinion on what you thought of each product you receive.

It is that simple. Just sign up, receive your box, and give your opinion on each product. Once you complete your task of giving your opinion on each product, you will be eligible for another box to be sent to you.

In My Goodie Box

  • Babytime! By Episencial – Babytime Playful Wash Shampoo
    • We mostly buy a body wash & shampoo combination for Xavier, especially the no-tear type since he is only 5-years-old. We’ll be testing this product out with his next bath. I will update the post once we have tried Babytime.
  • Wild Ophelia – Caramelized Banana Peanut Butter Cups
    • DELICIOUS! Very creamy and soft. I could replace my regular peanut butter cups with these and be happy! Would buy.
  • ALO – Allure Mangosteen – Mango Juice Drink
    • 11-year-old LOVES this juice drink. I didn’t personally try it because it is Mango flavored. However, Thaddeus loves Mango’s, and I had him take a sip, and he didn’t want to give it back.
  • Jackson’s Honest – Sea Salt Potato Chips
    • One of the best potato chips I’ve ever had. Three ingredients; potatoes, coconut oil, and sea salt. Nothing better than basic ingredients to make for a great snack. Would buy.
  • Sanaya – Natural Pain Reliever Lotion
    • The smell is great, reminds my husband of tea. Not too oily and rubs in just fine. May or may not purchase this item.
  • Ethical Bean Coffee – Lush Medium Dark Roast
    • I’m not much of a dark roast coffee drinker. However, this medium dark roast from Ethical Bean is splendid. Because it is a medium roast, it isn’t too bold, and the dark roast of it doesn’t hinder the flavor. It also has a sweetness flavor to it, which is very nice. Would buy.
  • Mediterra – Kale & Pumpkin Seeds Bar
    • Didn’t like, wouldn’t buy. I’m sure other people like these bars, however, I didn’t like the taste or the smell of it. Would NOT purchase.
  • Barney Butter – Smooth & Bare Snack Packs
    • Almond Butter snack packs. Not as good as peanut butter, however, still very good. I would use the almond butter on my English Muffins or even toast. Would buy.
  • Elemental Herbs – All Good Coconut Body Lotion
    • For the most part, a lotion is a lotion. However, this lotion has a decent smell to it, not too much coconut in the smell.  Goes on nice and even and the sample pack covered both my legs and arms without a problem. I could see buying some of this lotion to replace my current cream. Would buy.
  • Hampton Creek – Just Mayo
    • I have yet to try the Just Mayo samples since there is only enough to use while making a sandwich. Will update the post once I’ve tried this product.
  • Gutsy Products – Chewy Wildberry Flavor
    • I have yet to try the Gutsy product. I will update the post once I have tried Gutsy.

What would make this service better?

I think it would be a much better service if there were no sample products in the package. In other words, send out a full-size bottle/package of the products. You can’t give honest opinions on a sample size product, especially when you can only get one or two uses out of it. Send the full-size bottle of the Hampton Creek – Just Mayo so we can test it out on our burgers, sandwiches, and in our tuna salad. Yes, I know this would be more expensive, and you probably wouldn’t be able to send out as many Goodie Boxes with that product in it. However, you’ll get a much better response and real feedback on the product.

Are you a member of Daily Goodie Box? What do you think of the service? After reading this post, will you join them? Let me know in the comments.

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