Weight slowing coming off


Body by Vi ChallengeIt’s only been a week, well, just over a week since I started the Body by Vi Challenge and although others have lost much more weight I’m down a whopping 1 pound!  OK, that may not seem like much, but seeing as I’m just drinking two shakes a day and eating a pretty much regular meal for dinner I’m not doing too bad. I really do need to start adding in snacks throughout the day and upping my intake of water, but it’s all about baby steps for me or I get burned out to quickly.

I’ve walked a lot more throughout the day, trying to get out and walk each day either outside of the house or just around the house getting stuff done. I really do need to add more exercise and I’m working on that.  I’ll have an easier chance of doing that once Thaddeus goes back to school from spring break.  It’s hard enough to exercise with Xavier, throw Thaddeus in there and it’s just about impossible!

I’m definitely going to get my Gaiam TV on and find a good daily routine with them and throw in some weights and maybe get a new exercise bike or something.


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  1. Kelly Elswick

    April 17, 2013 at 12:32 pm

    Good luck to you! I hear you on taking baby steps. Too many people jump right in and get burned out so quick. It’s hard to do when you are a mom with young kids!