Thaddeus’ first camping trip


For the 4th of July weekend, we decided we’d taking our first full family camping trip.  Full family because the last camping trip we took, Thaddeus stayed with Nanna and PawPaw so we could get some adult time :yup

We decided to go camping where I grew up going camping, at Brighton Recreational.  We left on Friday around lunch time, stopping at Burger King to eat before hitting the freeway.  We arrived at the campgrounds at around 1-1:30 and found where our site was and then went to check in.  After we checked in we had to go into town to pick up a few things we forgot and/or didn’t have and then headed to our camp site to start setting up.

The first day/evening/night wasn’t all that great because Thaddeus was being a little brat, but we all survived.  We had dinner and a great fire (thanks to me), and even roasted marsh mellows.

I think Thaddeus enjoyed the marsh mellows the most the first night.  We even had a visitor come during the night who thought it would be nice to steal Thaddeus’ marsh mellows!

The second day was much better, after making some bacon and eggs for breakfast, we headed out to go fishing.  Brandon caught a little blue gill, and while I was taking Thaddeus to the bathroom Brandon convinced a kid who was fishing near us to keep one of the fish he caught and he’d distract Thaddeus while they put the fish onto his fishing poll and into the water for him to “catch”.  I didn’t get to get a picture of that because it kind of all happened pretty fast, but the fish was about the same size as the one Brandon caught.

After a few hours of fishing we went back to the camp site to have some lunch and then we headed out for a drive to the other areas and check them out and then we headed to the beach so Thaddeus could go swimming.

We then decided we’d rent a canoe and take Thaddeus for a boat ride…well, that was a bad idea.  I’d never been canoeing and we didn’t make it very far before I said no way!  So we headed back to the camp site to have dinner and settle at the site for the night.  When we went shopping, we purchased some sparklers for Thaddeus.

Here are a few random images from our camping trip.

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