Spin Master Games: Boom Boom Balloon, Hedbanz Act Up!, & Logo Party


Growing up I remember always wanting to play board games. It was something I wanted to do just about every night, unfortunately no one ever wanted to play them with me. Even though I’d get board games I rarely got to play them unless I played two players by myself.  The love of playing board games for me continues and it passed on to Thaddeus.  We don’t play as often as either of us would like, but we do try to make sure we play them as often as we can.

This Christmas Spin Master is going to make it a little easier. We received three different games from them and I can’t wait for Christmas so that Thaddeus can open them and we can get to playing!  We received Boom Boom Balloon, Hedbanz Act Up!, & Logo Party.

Boom Boom Balloon

Boom Boom BalloonLast month when we were in Chicago at the Toy and Game Fair, Thaddeus saw a game like this, it actually may have been this exact game but we didn’t get a chance to visit the booth before leaving. He wanted to go over there so bad and even mentioned wanting it.  Little did I know I already had it at home for him.  I know he’ll be super excited when he sees it under the tree from Santa in just a couple of days.

In Boom Boom Balloon just roll the die and CAREFULLY push in a stick until it clicks. Watch as the balloon squishes, squeezes, and stretches…will the next click make it pop?


The game seems really easy to play; just roll the die and “click” one of the sticks for each number you rolled on the die.  You want to be careful not to do too many clicks or the balloon will go BOOM!  You can play with 2 or more players and the recommended age is 8 and older. Boom Boom Balloon does not require batteries and comes with 1 balloon frame, 12 balloons, die, 10 stickers, and the instruction guide.

Hedbanz Act Up!

Hedbanz Act Up!This kind of reminds me of a switched up version of charades, which I think Thaddeus would be great at. He loves to act things out and with this being a game for kids it should be a really fun game, especially to watch my guys act things out.

Hedbanz Act Up is the fast-acting family game where everyone’s a star!  Each player draws a game card and puts it in their headband for everyone else to see. On your turn roll the dice – whoever’s headband matches your roll will act out clues to your card.  Can you guess what’s on your head before time runs out?  Hedbanz Act Up is family fun for 2-6 players, age 8+.  Act fast with Hedbanz Act Up!

Looks to be a fairly easy game to play and understand. You just wear the headband with a card facing the other players, they act out what is on the card and you have to guess what they are acting out. There is no talking in the game, other than the person who has to guess, and they must guess what is on the card before time runs out. Hedbanz Act Up! is a fast paced game and sounds great for playing at anytime you are in the house. It includes everything you need to play; 6 adjustable hedbands in 6 different colors, 180 act up cards, 6 player cards, die, timer, 72 tokens, and the instructions guide.

Logo Party

Logo Party

This is another game that reminds me of other games we’ve all either played or just heard about; like Draw It, but about logos we all know.

Logo Party is a whole different way to experience your favorite brands.  Now with four exciting categories, Draw It, Describe It, Do It and Reveal It, its not what you know that counts its what you do!

Get your teammates to guess brands by giving them clues based upon the four ways to play!

This is going to be a fun game, we’ll get to see just how much the boys pay attention to what things they love. With Logo Party your timer is also your card revealer. Just watch the logo start to display, guess the brand before the time runs out. The first team to answer correctly wins. Logo Party is for two teams of players ages 8 and older. It comes with the game board, 180 action cars, 120 Reveal It cars, a drawing pad, 2 playing pieces, a logo timer, and the instruction guide.


You can purchase Spin Master Games from local retailers like Kmart, Target, Wal-Mart, and Toys R Us as well as online from Amazon.


  1. Elena

    December 23, 2013 at 9:06 pm

    the games look fun! my son would love these


  2. The Funster

    December 24, 2013 at 6:21 pm

    I love the Boom Boom Balloon. What a great idea! I will check the link in your article to look at Boom Boom Balloon. I think my kids would love this too!
    Thanks for the post!
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