Remodeling of the Flower Garden in Front of House


About a month ago we got a really bad rain in the middle of the night and the one basement window that isn’t a block window started leaking water into the house. We never thought we would get water in this window because of where it is located. It’s the one under our Living Room window, but it was never blocked in because the previous owner of the house put a planter box type thing with a window well around it to keep the dirt from going against the glass.  There’s also an overhang over it to keep the rain from coming straight down in that spot.

The only way to really completely fix this problem is to remove the planter box and put in glass block windows.  So, that is what we’ve decided to do.

Front of house as it was when we purchased the home
This is what this area looked like when we purchased the house

Not long after we moved it, we removed the bushes in front of the big planter box and the bushes (and fake flowers) inside the planter box.  Boy What a difference!

Main bushes gone
Bushes removed from in front of the planter box

Final look of the front yard after our original remodeling made the house look so much better, made our home stand out from the rest of the neighborhood.

Front yard 2011
Our front yard in 2011
Up-Close front yard 2011
A close-up of the front yard in 2011

I’ve been working on removing the planter box over the last couple of weeks, only getting to really do some work during the weekend so it’s taking a good amount of time to do.  I didn’t think about pictures until today but you’ll get the idea of what all I’ve done from these pictures.

First, I had to remove the short side, which consists of two layers of bricks.  Pretty colored bricks and then regular red bricks.  Next, I started removing the dirt.  Lots and lots of dirt!  This thing was filled to the top with dirt!  I’ve been spreading it around throughout the yard, front and back, to fill in holes and leveling some areas.

Here’s how the front looks as of today!

As you can tell, there’s still a good amount of dirt to remove and brick to break apart.  The nice thing is the pretty brick that’s on the outside I’m using for the border of my flower garden in the front, which you can see in the pictures.  Not sure if that’s how I’m going to do it yet or not, but it’s a thought of how I’ll do the border :yup .

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  1. paula

    April 15, 2012 at 8:16 pm

    You all sound like Tony. Always a project around the house, but that’s how you make a house a home. We are proud of you!


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