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Looking for some great gadgets for your phone? what about gifts for others for their phone or tablet?  Here’s just a few items you can get that’ll get people asking, “Where did you get that?”



JackJems is that cute little bling phone accessory that all the girls are going to want.  They are an instant stylish and protective cover for your important and expensive gadgets, that just pops into the headphone socket of your phone or tablet.  They come in 8 great colors; red, blue, pink, purple, yellow, green, orange, and clear and they are gold-plated.

They are not only there to look nice, but they provide protection of dust, dirt, and grime from getting into the headphone jack.  Looks great and is functional too!



Looking for a way to hang your sunglasses in your car? What about propping up your phone/tablet while reading? You can even hang your keys from the Stik-Kit.  This little suction holder can help you in more ways than you think!


The Stik-Kit will hold your gadgets, phone, table, and other essential items to any smooth surface.  It is super lightweight and small, which makes it perfect for traveling.  For added security, you can attach your phone using the extra headphone jack or your keys using the lobster clasp

Memory Foam Eartips


Not all eartips are very comfortable, but with these memory foam tips from BeatBuds you are sure to enjoy wearing your favorite pair of earphones.  They come in three different sizes and there are 10 colors to choose from.  They fit all standard in-ear headphones.


  1. crystal

    March 2, 2015 at 7:44 am

    Those are really cute!


  2. neha verma

    April 16, 2015 at 4:58 am

    Hello Shwan what a nice blog that gives the amazing information about Phone & Tablet Accessories. Really nice Stik-Kit and ear phones that you have given in this blog. Thanks keep it up.


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