OtterBox protection is the way to go

Being a mom of a six-year-old and a baby under one, you must have protection!  Protection in this case is for your electronic devices; whether that be a cell phone, iPad, eReader, tablet, or whatever you use. For me, it’s my iPhone and my iPad. I’ve purchased probably a dozen cases over the years for my iPhone and my iPad and I always seem to fall back to my OtterBox case.


Because it’s the most dependable and durable case I’ve found so far. Although I don’t always use my OtterBox Defender Series case for my iPhone, it is the one I reach for if I’m going to be going out somewhere for a long period of time without my purse. The Zoo. Greenfield Village. I know when using this case on my iPhone that if I drop my phone, it’s going to be protected in the best way possible.

So when I got the New iPad, I knew I had to get an OtterBox Defender Series case for it! Just like the iPhone case, the iPad case completely covers the device and keeps it fully protected. However, the iPad case also has this cool stand built right into the case to allow you to prop your iPad up for easy reading and better user experience. The inner stand allows you to have the iPad sit perfectly angled so that you can type while viewing and it also allows the iPad to sit more upright in both the landscape and portrait position.

Another great feature is the built-in screen protector. This is a must for anyone who has kids and you allow them to play with your iPhone or iPad (or any other device for that matter) because you know how your kids don’t always keep their hands clean. With the screen protector you don’t have to worry about smudges and fingerprints all over the glass of your device.

Cons of the OtterBox case.

The bad thing about the built-in screen protector is that it alters the wonderful new Retina Display of the New iPad.  It’s not horrible looking, it’s just not as vivid when viewing from within the OtterBox case.

The downfall for the iPad OtterBox case is that it only comes in black, unlike the iPhone cases which you can get in many different colors. But that’s just a personal preference of not wanting an all black case.

Overall, if you have kids and an iPad 2 or the New iPad than this is the case you want.  Thaddeus is pretty good at not dropping the iPad, unlike the iPhone, but I know it’s safe in his hands when it’s in the OtterBox case!

Disclosure: Item was received for the purpose of this review. All opinions are that of my own. No other monetary compensation took place.

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  1. li piquette says

    I purchased one for my son who ishard on phones and a year later his phone is still in tacy yeah

  2. Betty says

    I would get the DROID CHARGE by Samsung Commuter Series Case. We got the Defender series and found that the sleeker commuter series would of suited our needs better.

  3. Farrah Morelli says

    I would like a Defender Series for an I-Pad, but they are more than $50, so I’d get a Defender Series for my I-Pod Touch.