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Facebook has introduced scrapbooks for children’s photos. You can create a scrapbook of each of your children. Can we say, About Time!? I’ve waited forever, or so it feels like it, for Facebook to get their act together and make it easier for parents to keep albums of their children.  With the scrapbook feature you can still have your photos uploaded/shared the normal way but now you can tag your children, even if they don’t have a Facebook account, and all photos tagged with them will show up in their scrapbook.

Facebook Scrapbook Desktop

Creating a scrapbook for your child is super easy.

  1. Go to your profile and click on About, then click on Family and Relationships.
  2. From here you can add a new family member, add their name or select them from your friends list (their name will pop up when you start typing in their name).  Make sure to have their relationship set to Son or Daughter.
  3. Check the Add Scrapbook box once you have selected the relationship.
  4. From there you can start adding pictures to their scrapbook.

Facebook Scrapbook Mobile

When you are viewing the scrapbook you can always add more images by clicking the Tag Photo box and just click on the images that have that person in them.  Those will automatically be added to their scrapbook.

You can use this feature with your Apple, Android, and Desktop/Laptop. For more details, check out our Help Center.

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