New LuLaRoe Retailers Desperately Need These Items


You can never have too many resources, especially when it comes to being a LuLaRoe Independent Fashion Retailer. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Amazing Resources for LuLaRoe Independent Fashion Retailers. There are some great resources there too!

An amazing list of resources for LuLaRoe Independent Fashion Retailers. This list will get you started on what you need to grow your business.

LuLaRoe Resources

In my previous post, I talked about finding a sponsor, graphics, social media, and Facebook Groups. In this post, I’m going to give you resources for supplies you are going to need. Unless you are 100% sure you are going to fully sign on as an Independent Fashion Retailer, and you have all your funds ready for when you receive your call to onboard, I wouldn’t buy anything. I say this because you never know what might happen. You may find that you aren’t able to come up with the full amount needed or something might happen to make you change your mind.

Initial Items to Purchase

With that being said, here is a list of items you’ll want to consider buying to help your business.  Some of these items are needed just for your home, some are necessary for doing events, and some are things that you only need if you make online sales. Some of these items are the exact items I’ve purchased. Others are just the first item that popped up on Amazon.


Poly Mailers – You’ll need to package your purchases to be mailed. I recommend not buying anything fancy with cute designs on them. However, this is entirely up to you. You’ll want a couple of different sizes for holding one or more items.

Ziplock bags or keep the bags from your inventory. Helps protect the items when you ship them.

Packing tape and boxes. Depending on your sales, you may need to package the shipments into boxes and tape them closed. You can even get many packing boxes delivered to your home from USPS, for free.

In-Home & Event

Mannequin – Great for using to take pictures of your inventory, although it is easier to keep the items on hangers or do flat lays. I still use my mannequin for showing off outfits during my outdoor pop-up or vendor events.

Tripod – For taking pictures of your inventory. This isn’t necessarily needed if you plan to hold your phone or camera while taking pictures. However, it makes it much easier to take pictures when you have a tripod.

Hangers – You can never have too many of these!

Lighting Kit – Unless you have excellent lighting in your home then you are going to want a light kit.

Storage Bags – Using these bags makes it a lot easier to store and transport your inventory to and from each event. Each bag will hold approximately 20-30 pieces of inventory each, depending on the item.

Live Sales Tags – These are great if you plan to do live sales. They come in packs of 100, you can also buy bigger bundles, and you use them to keep track of each item presented in your live sale. The customers can then claim the items as they are presented by using the number given to the item they want.

Clothing Racks – You need these for vendor events. You’ll probably even want them for your home to hold your inventory. Unless you build some racks into your home, but since you’re probably just starting out you haven’t gotten that far into customizing your home.

Office Supplies / Stationery

Business Cards – There are a lot of different templates in the Assets section of Build for making your LuLaRoe Independent Fashion Retailer business Cards. Of course, you can make them how you wish as long as you follow the branding guidelines.

Hole Puncher – IF you decide to use a punch card for your customers, you’ll want a hole puncher. I love this Unicorn one.

DYMO 4XL printer – this is for printing out shipping labels. You don’t necessarily need this as you can use any printer and tape a label to your packages, but this makes it much easier.

Scale – For weighing the packages that need to be shipped from online sales.

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