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A lot of things have changed for us since we moved to Hawai’i. One of those things is that we do a lot more cooking from scratch.  This could be because the cost of food here is a bit higher than we’re used to, and it is usually cheaper cooking from scratch and making your meals rather than buying processed meals. When cooking from scratch we’ve found that there are many times that we need to measure the ingredients based on the weight rather than volume.  To measure your ingredients by weight, you obviously need to have a kitchen scale.

Ozeri Gourmet Digital Kitchen Scale

Ozeri Gourmet Digital Kitchen Scale - Dry ingredients
Measuring out the ingredients by the gram with the Ozeri Gourmet Digital Kitchen Scale

We were recently sent a complimentary Ozeri Gourmet Digital Kitchen Scale that has Tempered Glass – with a Timer, Alarm, and Temperature Display to review.  It was perfect timing too because we’ve been trying out a bunch of new recipes and most of them have been calling for accurate weights of some of the ingredients. Without the kitchen scale, we’d been guestimating the amount or using Google to convert the measurement. This isn’t always something you can do and since having the Ozeri scale we’ve been able to perfect the recipes with the correct measurements.

Ozeri Gourmet Digital Kitchen Scale - Wet ingredients
Measuring out fluid ounces of Milk and Water has never been easier

One of the great things about this Ozeri Gourmet Digital Kitchen Scale is that you can measure both dry and liquid ingredients. The scale even has settings for milk and water for liquid ingredients and I’m sure you can get a good measurement of other liquids if needed.  I also love that there is a tare weight feature so that you just have the size of the ingredient and not of the container.

Product Details

  • Uniquely designed wide tempered glass platform provides an oversized weighing area coupled to 4 high precision GFX sensors – accurately weighs 0.4 oz to 11 lbs or 1 g to 5000 g.
  • The scale includes a kitchen alarm, timer, real-time clock and temperature sensor.
  • Features four easy-touch buttons for effortless operation.
  • Precision Tare feature instantly calculates the net weight of the ingredients.
  • Large high-contrast blue backlit LCD screen displays weights in lb, oz, g, fl.oz., and ml.

There are always kitchen scales that are bigger or smaller, and we all need to be sure to find the one that works best for us.  At this time, the Ozeri Gourmet Digital Kitchen Scale is the one we’ll be using in our kitchen!

Now that I have this excellent little scale I can start experimenting with making my homemade soap!


  1. Amanda from HomeByHearth

    June 10, 2016 at 5:56 am

    I really like the Ozeri brand. Bough one the previous month for my mom and she is very happy with it.


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