Jabra is on the Move with Their Wireless Stereo Headphones


By now you know that I have a HUGE Jabra fan. If you didn’t already know, I love technology, for the most part. However, when it comes to Jabra products there is just something different about them. I don’t know if it is just that they are so up-to-date on their products or that their products just work for me and my family.

I was recently asked to if I was interested in reviewing one of their products and although each of the items they offered was very similar to ones I had reviewed in the past I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try the Jabra Move Wireless stereo headphones. Mostly because I had already known they would be the perfect gift for Thaddeus. But also because I wanted to see how they compared to the Jabra Revo Wireless headphones I’ve previously reviewed.

Jabra Move Wireless


Thaddeus loves to play video games on the tablet and on the computer. However, we aren’t too trilled about having to listen to the games as he’s playing them. Especially if we are watching a movie. So, these would be perfect for him as a Christmas gift!  That’s right, he’s tested them out and he doesn’t know they will be under the tree waiting for him this Christmas!  Oh and he LOVES them! He actually used them for about an hour and a half the other day while testing them out.  Only got them back from him because the battery was running low, I didn’t charge them before testing because I wanted to see if you would get a warning about a low battery; which you do!

Jabra-Move-Wirelesss-Grey Jabra-Move-Wireless-Blue Jabra-Move-Wireless-Red

As with all Jabra products the Move headphones are easy to connect and easy to use. Just pair them with your phone, computer, or other Bluetooth device and you are good to go.  They are super light and comfortable and they offer up to 8 hours of talk time, 288 hours of standby time, and they charge via USB.  The sound is amazing and even with them turned up really loud you can’t really hear the sound coming from them unless you are the one wearing them!

Best of all they fit little heads, which makes them perfect for myself or for Thaddeus!


You can purchase the Jabra Move Wireless headphones and other Jabra products on Amazon.


You can connect with Jabra on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to stay up-to-date on their products.

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