I Haven't Posted an Update Lately, So …

I know that I haven’t posted an update lately; in fact it’s been about 2 weeks or so since I last posted about the kids.  I’m sorry!  As you can see from my other posts, I’ve been getting lots of review items, and I still have several other items sitting next to me that I have to write my review on.


He’s doing good in school, so far.  He started off that way last year and then turned into the little devil that he is! :toofunny It’s hard to get him to and from school right now because I have to pack up Xavier with the oxygen and monitor, but we manage.  This year I’ve been letting Thaddeus walk himself to the door he goes in all by himself, mainly because I’m too tired in the morning to pull out the stroller and get Xavier situated, but he’s really enjoying being able to go up to the school on his own.  He says that he’s a big boy now because he gets to walk himself to the school.


He’s slowly getting better.  We’ve been having a hard time getting him to eat like he used to, not sure what the problem is.  He came home from the PICU eating 3-5oz each feeding and now he’s only taking 1-2oz with the few exceptions where he’s taken about 3oz.  We can’t figure it out, but he’s still gaining some weight, so the home nurse isn’t concerned.  Guess he’s just being his stubborn self!  I’ve been trying to keep track of his weight myself with our home scale by weighing myself and then the both of us together and subtracting my original weight.  Last Sunday, Xavier was 7.8 pounds when I weighed him that way and when the nurse weighed him a few minutes later he was 7.9 pounds, so it was pretty close.  I weighted him the other day, Tuesday, and he was 8lbs. He’s gaining, but just the minimum he should be.  Either way, I need to get me a baby scale to make this easier. :teehee

He’s been smiling for a while now, and not the gassy smiles, real smiles.  He does it most when he knows his being a little stinker (not wanting to take his bottle or fussing) and he’ll just look up at you with this big joker smile!  And the little stinker will NOT let me get a picture of him smiling.  He will smile and smile at you and the moment you get the camera he will stop smiling.


I took the summer off from classes because I knew Xavier was going to be coming and I didn’t want him to show up in the middle of a semester, which he ended up doing!  I start back next week and I’m not really looking forward to it. :waiting I mean, I’d like to get it all over with, but at the same time I’m getting tired of school.  Besides, taking classes takes away from my family time, blogging time, and time for me to get my butt back into shape.  Hell, it’s been years since I’ve been in shape and it’s long over due!  Thankfully I have this Journey Gym that I can use and take into any room of the house, now if I could only get a portable exercise bike and treadmill!  Then I’d be all set.  We have a new exercise bike and it’s great, but I can’t just move it from room to room.

Sleep!  OMG what is that? I am so in the need for some sleep right now, Xavier just doesn’t understand the concept of going back to sleep in the middle of the night. And the grunting type noises he makes :omg what is up with that? It is so annoying!  I thought Brandon’s snoring was bad!  There is NO WAY that I will be able to sleep in the same room as both of them when Xavier is off the oxygen!


I’m going to have to move into the extra bedroom!


He’s doing good.  He’s been helping out on the weekends by taking the night shift with Xavier and letting me get sleep, which is great because I don’t know if I could go every day of every week without getting at least a few nights of straight sleep!  He’s working, probably more than he has since he’s been at his current job since one of the guys left.

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The site is doing pretty good!  I’ve been getting some nice review items, as you’ve noticed and we’ve had a lot more giveaways lately too.  I’m gearing up for a change in the look of the site, which I’m excited about.  Yeah, I know, another theme change!  I can’t help it, if Studiopress wouldn’t put out such great child themes, I probably would just stick with one theme forever!

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  1. paula says

    Sounds like the Griffith family is doing well. I just love that picture of Brandon and Xavier. You be sure to take care of yourself and get rest any time you can grab it. Hugs and kisses to everyone from Nanna and Pawpaw.

  2. says

    Good to see an update and to hear everyone is doing ok. Tell Thaddeus I heard he is a big boy and walking in to school by himself and that he should be proud of himself :)
    Xavier is getting bigger and just adorable. Sorry your still not getting much sleep :(