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Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for your children, grandchildren, niece, nephew, or donation to someone in need; you cannot go wrong with a monthly subscription of children’s books. Had it not been for Bookroo for sending me a complimentary one-month subscription, I would never have known about their service.

Parents and grandparents alike, why not give the gift of a monthly subscription of children's books to those you love. It is super easy with Bookroo!The gift of children’s books

Ordering a subscription for children’s books from Bookroo appears to be super easy, and you can choose which type of books to give.  You would choose picture books for children ages 2-6, and they would receive two books each month.  The other option is for board books for children ages 0-3, and each shipment contains three books. You also have the gift option, you only need to have the email address for the family you wish to send a gift subscription to, they do the rest.  Giving a gift allows the giftee to choose which type of book they want; picture books or board books.

The gift of Bookroo is perfect for a family with young children! It’s an adorably-wrapped care package filled with books that shows up on their doorstep each month, reminding them how much you care.

The cost of a Bookroo subscription of children’s books depends on the length of time your subscribe; $17.99 plus $5 for shipping for one month down to $15.99 plus $5 for shipping for a 12-month subscription.  The cost of shipping is $16 per month for Canadian residents and $25 per month for all other countries.

You cannot go wrong with giving the gift of children’s books to those you love. It’ll encourage them to start reading at an early age, and it is a gift that will keep on giving. These books can be maintained for generations and over the years, your loved ones can end up with a large library of books for future generations.

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