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Imagine.  You are in the kitchen, trying to make a new recipe that you recently found on Pinterest or browsing a blog.  What if you are trying to get all the ingredients out and get everything prepped.  You look down at your tablet or phone for the information, and you can’t read it because the lighting in your kitchen is glaring over the screen making the information hard to read.  Thanks to the Gadget Grab, which I received in exchange for this post, you can now prop your phone or tablet up in the perfect position to read the information you need.

Gadget Grab - Phone Horizontal

Gadget Grab

The Gadget Grab makes it a lot easier to prop your phone or tablet up in a reading position; you just flip it open, stick your device to the stand, and enjoy hands-free viewing anywhere.  With the unique polymer surface, not only on the side to hold your device but also on the bottom site to keep the stand in place. You no longer have to worry about your device slipping down off the stand making you lose your place.

Gadget Grab - Tablet Phone Back

Gadget GrabI am always skeptical of As Seen on TV products because you never know if they will work as they do in the TV commercials.  It’s kind of like seeing food from a fast food chain on TV or in an advertisement.  The food never looks the same when you go into the restaurant and order.

I was given the first chance to put the Gadget Grab to test not long ago, well actually Thaddeus had the opportunity.  He was wanting to play on his tablet and watch some videos.  It’s always annoying to sit at a table and hold your tablet. Then I remembered that I had just received the Gadget Grab in the mail and pulled it out.  It was super easy to use, just open it up, stick the device to the one side and stick the other end to the table.  That’s it!

Love that the Gadget Grab is so easy to clean. If the unique polymer surface happens to get dirty, just use a little warm, soapy water, and clean it off. Once it is dry, you are ready to go.

Gadget Grab - Tablet Vertical

When you are all done with your device, just fold up the Gadget Grab and put it away until the next time you need to use it. It is easy to un-stick from your device and the table or another surface you may have stuck it to.


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