FAQ – Our Frequently Asked Questions

These are the FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions for Living to the Fullest. These questions pertain mainly to the products sold in our shop here on Living to the Fullest as well as images used on our site.

I have carefully selected photographs that I have personally taken. All photographs on the products for sale are owned by Shawn Ann Griffith unless otherwise noted in the description.


What type of payment do you accept?
All payments go through Zazzle.com. They accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal.

How are products shipped and what is the return policy?
All products will ship from Zazzle.com. You can read their return policy regarding returns.

What are the shipping costs?
Shipping costs vary per product and type of shipping requested through Zazzle.com.

Will the product contain a watermark?
The products listed for sale on Living to the Fullest will not include a watermark from Shawn Ann or Living to the Fullest, and the images will only have slight modifications to them.

May I license your images?
If you would like to license any of these images as stock photography for your persona/business use, please contact Shawn Ann Griffith directly for more information.

Can I use your images on my blog/website?
You may use these images posted on Living to the Fullest, including store images, as long as the images have a watermark of Shawn Ann Griffith on them. You may not alter these images in any way other than to add them to a roundup collage. If using an image in a roundup collage then you must link back to the post the image originated.

Most noteworthy, if you happen to have a question that you do not see in this FAQ, please contact Shawn Ann Griffith with your question and we’ll be sure to get it added as well as answered. You can also comment below with your question, and we will provide a reply as soon as possible.

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