Cutest Conversation

So the other day hubby message me with the cutest conversation between him and our son.  B is hubby, T is son.

T: “daddy, what are you doing”
B: “looking for more work son”
T: “daddy, maybe they didn’t want you to work anymore because they wanted you to stay with me because I’m your buddy”
B: “you know, that sounds good to me buddy, let’s play trains!”
T: “ok daddy ok!!!”

It was just the cutest thing to read…then I went hom and Thaddeus was a complete terror.  What makes a child go from being that cute to a demon?

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  1. Marianne says

    My son is one minute cute and then the next a terror. He can be so cute at my mom’s and then come home and be a terror so go figure. I find that short conversation very cute and had to read that to John. He said that was so cute. Thaddeus is one of the nicer kids we know and you all are raising him very well. Keep it up!