Cooking with the Ozeri 10" Stone Earth Pan


We have several types of pans in our house, we have a full set of stainless steel sauce pans, well actually we have two sets of then, along with several non-stick skillets.  Why the different types of pans? Well, because I don’t really like cooking food on the T-fal type products because if you really do a lot of cooking and cleaning, they do tend to stat allowing your food to stick to the surface.  Add that after a while they will get a scratch in them and then the T-fal will start to scrape off and yes you will end up getting pieces of it into your food and eat it!

Yeah, I’m not a fan of eating T-fal with my meal!

So, for these reasons I only use my non-stick pans for cooking certain foods and once those pans start to get scrapes in them, either from using non-plastic or wood utensils or from scrubbing them clean, then they are tossed out and replaced. However, now I’m thinking about changing up our entire pan system, OK maybe not the entire system I do still like my stainless pans, but my non-stick skillets. I’m thinking of replacing them all with Stone Earth Pans from Ozeri!

Ozeri Stone Pan

What’s so special about the Stone Earth Pan by Ozeri?

  • Utilizes a natural stone-derived coating from Germany that achieves non-stick perfection while remaining 100% free of PFOA, a harmful chemical found in traditional cookware.
  • Features a scratch-resistant stone-based coating that is super easy to clean.
  • Superior non-stick performance.
  • Comfortable silicon coated handle.
  • Induction stove safe.

OK, besides all that great stuff that the packaging talks about, the pan comes in 3 sizes; 8″, 10″, and 12″, which makes getting a full set perfect for any kitchen.  Plus, just adding a little bit of oil to the pan before cooking and your food is not going to stick to this pan!  The first thing we made in the pan was bacon and eggs, not at the same time or on the same day, but those were the first two foods cooked in it.

Ozeri Stone Pan Bottom

Hubby really liked making the bacon in the pan, I think it’s the only pan he can cook bacon in, usually he uses a flat griddle to do it.  Egg, oh they were perfect, I put in a little oil to lightly coat the pan and then cooked about 8 eggs, with some milk and cheese and not a single spot did they stick and they cooked perfectly.  It took a little time for the pan to fully heat up, but once they did the eggs were cooking all over the pan, evenly!


You can purchase the Ozeri 10″ Stone Earth Pan and other Ozeri products directly from Amazon.

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