Birthday Party 2012


This year we decided to celebrate both Thaddeus and Xavier’s birthday on the same day because it would not only be easier, but because Xavier really isn’t going to remember the day.  Plus, since he was supposed to be born on Thaddeus’ birthday, we figured it would give him a little more time to grow and enjoy some cake!

Xavier officially turned one on May 23rd and Thaddeus officially turns seven on July 17th.

We had a nice little grill-out and just a few family members over for the event. I fear this could be the last time we have small birthday parties because I think Thaddeus is going to start wanting to invite some of his school friends!  Ahhh the advantages of having his birthday when school is out, we don’t have to invite an entire class so some kids don’t feel left out.

In the past we have always scheduled Thaddeus’ birthday party around the weekend that Brandon’s parents came up from Kentucky so they would get the chance to celebrate with us.  So, that happened to be this past weekend!  Not sure how we’ll do it in the coming years, it’ll be mean to make Xavier wait 2 months for his birthday party every year.  I guess we have a year to figure it out and start planning!

Just to show a little comparison of Thaddeus and Xavier for their 1st Birthday, here’s a picture!

1st Birthdays
Thaddeus on the left and Xavier on the right – 1st Birthday

I think the boys really enjoyed their party, Xavier even got a pool bath due to the mess he made while eating his cake!  Thaddeus got tossed into the pool with his clothes on by his two cousins, they both took turns catching him and tossing him in.  I think he enjoyed that part the most!  Just wish I would have kept the camera out to get a video of it!

OK, here’s some of the pictures from the party!

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