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You’ve decided that you want to become a LuLaRoe Independent Fashion Retailer. Or, maybe you’re still debating on the idea. It is a huge investment and not something that you can take lightly. It takes a lot of time, money, and commitment. You also need support from your upline. 

An amazing list of resources for LuLaRoe Independent Fashion Retailers. This list will get you started on what you need to grow your business.

LuLaRoe Resources

One of the things that you will want to take into consideration before signing the papers is making sure that you have a great sponsor! Without a great sponsor, you can immediately find yourself struggling. Now, I’m not saying that you can’t make it without a great sponsor, but you want one that you know and can trust.

The next thing you need is resources! Knowing what you need and where to find it is key. Yes, you can do a lot of searching around to find these resources. There’s Pinterest, Facebook Groups, Google, and your sponsor. However, having everything in one place makes it a lot easier and saves you time.

LuLaRoe Sponsor

There are roughly 80,000 LuLaRoe Independent Fashion Retailers at this time and more joining every day. Finding a sponsor might be easier than you think. Maybe you have a relative who’s a retailer, or a friend from high school.

A good sponsor is someone who is willing to help you through the entire sign-up process. They should be available to answer any and all questions you have. See if there is already a retailer close to you that you could team up with. The great thing about having your sponsor close to you is that you can meet up in person to discuss things, swap products, and even talk strategy.

Please make this your highest priority when signing up. Once you pick your sponsor, you are not able to change except on a rare occasion. The only way to switch your sponsor before becoming a retailer is if you drop out of the queue, wait several months, and then sign back up under a new sponsor.  I will tell you from experience to NOT choose to be apart of Team Unicorn Wranglers. They only support those that make cruise qualifying ALL the time. If you aren’t making the big bucks then you won’t even get your posts in their Facebook group approved!  I love my sponsor, but HATED my upline. 

LuLaRoe Resources

There are so many different types of resources when it comes to being a LuLaRoe Fashion Retailer. What groups to join on Facebook. What graphics to use and where to find them. How to set up your social media accounts. The list goes on and on. These resources are in no particular order.

Facebook Groups

Once you fill out the paperwork and get into the queue, your sponsor can add you to several Facebook Groups. These groups are meant to help you through the process of getting onboard as well as answer questions. Each sponsor has different groups, and you can only be added to those special groups through your sponsor. Getting away from those groups, I’ve found these Facebook Groups to be helpful. Most, if not all of these groups are for retailers/consultants. If you are not a retailer/consultant, then you will not be allowed to join some of these groups.

LULAROE POP UP/LINK Advertising!! – Great place to post links to your Facebook Group and advertise your pop-ups.

LuLaRoe Links + Multi Sale – This is a great place to post not only links to your pop-ups but also many customers post In Search Of (ISO) posts. They also have a multi-consultant sale on the weekends that you can try to sign up for.

Roeing in Perks – This is where you can post products that you’d like to sell at wholesale to other retailers to get rid of something that hasn’t sold in your group.You MUST be a retailer and have it displayed in your profile to be added.

Randy’s Retailer Graphics – Great resource for ordering supplies like table runners, signage, and so much more. They sell through Etsy and are one of a few places that have approved graphics for LuLaRoe items.

LuLaRooms – Consultants Only – This group is to share event popup displays, mobile displays, organization, etc. You MUST be a retailer and have it displayed in your profile to be added.

An amazing list of resources for LuLaRoe Independent Fashion Retailers. This list will get you started on what you need to grow your business.


There are a ton of places to get graphics for LuLaRoe. The main place would be in the Assets section of Build (the LuLaRoe Dashboard). They have someone who creates all kinds of graphics for you to use that include photos from photo shoots that they’ve had.

An amazing list of resources for LuLaRoe Independent Fashion Retailers. This list will get you started on what you need to grow your business.

If you are graphic savvy, then you can make your graphics. However, not everyone is tech-savvy enough to do this. Here is a couple of Facebook Groups where you can find already made graphics as well as request graphics.

LuLaRoe Graphics – Consultant Only! – You MUST be a retailer and have it displayed in your profile to be added.

LuLaRoe Graphics for Consultants ONLY by Veronica Franks – This group allows retailers and those who are in the queue to join.

Social Media

Once you are signed up in the queue, start working on getting your social media set up. This includes a Facebook Group, Twitter, and Instagram. Although they say to hold off on setting any of this up until after you have officially gotten on board, I feel they are important enough to get done as early as you can. You want to grow your group and following so that you have people ready to purchase the day you receive your inventory. Unlike spending money on supplies, this is something that only costs you a little time. It won’t hurt you in any way if you end up not becoming a retailer for whatever reason.

You can find all the information you need regarding setting up your social media accounts within the policy & procedure paperwork you’ll receive from LuLaRoe.

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