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Taking a family trip to Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park to see an active volcano, do some hiking, check out the lava tubes, and so much more.

Here you will find the contributors of Living to the Fullest.  Our contributors could change at any time, and we may add more in the future.



Living to the Fullest has contributors that help keep our site active. Here you can read about the Contributors on Living to the Fullest.He’s our big kid toy tester. He’s been testing pretty much all the kids stuff thus far, with a little help from his brother on some items.  Although he doesn’t do the writing of any review posts he does get quoted in some posts and on occasion, he will Vlog about the product.  He’s not picky when it comes to what products he will review; he’ll take anything that is age and gender appropriate to him and have a blast with it.  Oh and he’s probably the most honest boy out there.  If he doesn’t like it, he will tell you that it’s not that good of a product.

Some of the products Thaddeus has helped review: SodaStream, Nickelodeon Gak & Floam, and Pediped.


Living to the Fullest has contributors that help keep our site active. Here you can read about the Contributors on Living to the Fullest.He is our baby product reviewer.  He was born to test products out, in fact, he was testing products out the day he came home from the hospital!  He is coming into the review world and expressing how he feels about the products.  His favorite products to review would be toys and foods. If he’s having fun and continues to use the product, then it’s a good product, if it gets tossed and not messed with again then it’s not that good of a product…to him at least.

Some of the products Xavier has helped review: Ology Products, Joovy Spoon, CuddleUppets, GumDrop/The First Years Products, and Infantino Wrap Carrier.


Contributors - BrandonThis would be my husband, and we’ve been together since 1999.  He helps me out with many of the reviews and sometimes even takes the items I want for myself and uses them himself; especially when it comes to tech gadgets and tools!

Some of the products that Brandon has helped review: Canless Air SystemMicroTouch SwitchBlade TrimmersRyobi Hybrid String TrimmerEdgeware Knife Sharpener, and so much more.

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  1. Eileen

    October 17, 2013 at 8:39 pm

    So fun to learn all about your family, what a good-lookin’ crew! Do you ever do collaborations? Would love to write for your travel section!
    Eileen recently posted…An Alternative Spooky Celebration in MazatlanMy Profile


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